Resonessence Labs Invicta Mirus Pro Digital to Analog Converter

Resonessence Labs

Our top-of-the-line product an outstanding DAC for the ultimate in performance. MIRUS uses a dedicated SABRE 32 (ESS9028PRO) per channel: eight DACs in parallel to each stereo channel. USB Audio 2.0/1.0, DSD over USB, SPDIF and the unique SDCard reader are provided. The SDCard supports WAV, AIFF, FLAC and DSD files. Mirus supports input data rates up to 384kS/s and features advanced Resonessence filters.


  • The specifications on INVICTA Mirus XLR and RCA outputs exceed those of the regular INVICTA. Specification of the first batch of MIRUS are now available. We have been able to guarantee significant enhancement Mirus Pro:Dynamic Range exceeds 130dB and THD + Noise exceeds 114dB.

  • INVICTA Mirus PRO differs from INVICTA PRO in the following ways: The headphone module is removed and two ESS SABRE 9028PRO DAcs are added to the back-panel XLR and RCA outputs. This allows a total of eight ES9028PRO channels for each stereo output. The THD and noise are thereby improved even further than on the INVICTA. The second generation INVICTA and INVICTA Mirus are hardware and firmware upgrades to the existing first generation INVICTA. But the good news is that the firmware to support DSD and the higher sample rates is compatible with first generation INVICTAs. (The firmware upgrade also enables the Apple Remote Control on the first generation INVICTAs) Dynamic ESS Sabre DAC Implementation Featuring the Sabre ES9028PRO Audio DAC circuitry with the latest Hyperstream technology The ESS Sabre Pro series DAC is the world’s highest performance 32-bit audio DAC solution. 2 ESS Sabre 9028PRO chips are used for precise conversion. Exceptional Value Engineered with more conveniences than a standard DAC Adaptable for home use or in the recording studio. Designed by the chassis designers at IMWorks, and Resonessence engineers intimately familiar with the exceptional ESS Sabre DAC. Designed, produced, and manufactured in Canada. Provides endless hours of high-fidelity audio playback. Minimal amounts of noise and distortion and accurate frequency response Flexible I/O SD card reader for seamless high-resolution sound enjoyment without a computer. No computer, no noise added into the loop. RCA + XLR analog outputs. High-speed USB, Toslink, BNC, AE5. Supports all major audio inputs and outputs Two headphone amplifiers that deliver pristine sound quality.

  • Width: 22cm Depth: 28.2cm Height: 5.0cm Weight: 2.9kg Operating Voltage: 220-250V Fuse Rating 230v: 250V Slow Blow 5x20mm Power Consumption: 30W SD Card File Format: DSF, DFF, FLAC, WAV, AIFF