Schiit Audio Bifrost AK4490 Digital to Analogue Converter - DEMO

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Bifrost is the DAC that changed the game in affordable digital audio—bringing full upgradability to the most inexpensive platform in the world, and introducing concepts like bit-perfect clock management and modular USB architecture. Now, Bifrost changes the game once again with the all-new Bifrost.

  • Bifrost: Excellent Performance With All-New AKM DAC

    Choose Bifrost, and you get a great DAC at an amazing price. Featuring the 32-bit AKM Verita® AK4490 D/A converter and a fully discrete stage for summing, current gain and filtering, Bifrost bests all previous delta-sigma Bifrosts—including the acclaimed Bifrost Uber—for a lower price.

  • Future-Proof, Not Dumpster Fodder

    With Bifrost, you’re choosing a DAC that won’t become obsolete when technology changes. Unlike all other DACs anywhere near its price point, Bifrost is fully modular and upgradable—making it virtually future-proof, rather than dumpster fodder.

    Advanced Clock Management, USB Input Standard

    Bifrost uses a sophisticated master clock management system to deliver bit-perfect data to the DAC—unlike many DACs that use asynchronous sample rate conversion (ASRC), which destroys the original samples. And, with our acclaimed Gen 2 USB input now standard, you’re ready for computer, tablet, and even phone-based sources.

    5-Year Warranty?

    Bifrost is covered by a limited warranty that covers parts and labor for five years. That’s 5 years. Yes. FIVE. Compare that to the competition. Please note this doesn't mean free upgrades for five years!

  • D/A Conversion IC: AKM Verita® AK4490

    Analog Stage: Fully discrete, DC coupled

    Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz, +/-0.1dB, 2Hz-100KHz, -1dB ?

    Maximum Output: 2.0V RMS?

    THD: <0.003%, 20Hz-20KHz, at max output?

    IMD: <0.004%, CCIR?

    S/N: >108dB, referenced to 2V RMS

    Inputs: Coaxial SPDIF, Optical SPDIF, USB

    Input Capability: up to 24/192 for all inputs, including 24/176.4

    Input Receiver, SPDIF: AK4113, USB: C-Media CM6631A