Simaudio MOON 100D DAC

MOON by Simaudio

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  • Play Your Computer Audio High-Resolution Music Files with Incredible Detail and Analog-Like Warmth Through the Simaudio 100D

  • Simaudio engineers excel at bringing music lovers products that outperform the competition at reasonable price points. And this is certainly true for the Moon 100D digital-to-analog converter. What makes the 100D so special? Well, it's many things! It's the new Burr Brown 24bit/192k DAC chipsets, it's the highly accurate digital clock that removes the jitter, and it's the asynchronous sample-rate converter and 8x oversampling digital filters that are responsible for the tremendous sound quality. It is also the huge copper circuit board traces and the advanced analog output stage. You can't discount the effects of the heavy-duty, vibration-damped chassis either.

    This DAC operates and upsamples every digital signal to 24bit/1.411 MHz, much higher than any other DAC at this price. Features coaxial, TosLink, and USB inputs and outputs rich, and satisfying music, pure and simple. Audition this little beauty in your system today and hear the results for yourself.

    The USB input on the MOON 100D is fully USB v1.1 compliant and accepts a USB audio signal up to 16-bits/48kHz. To use the 100D with extreme high-resolution recordings from your computer, a simple USB to S/PDIF converter is required making the 100D capable of accepting 24bit/192k resolution files.

  • Features:

    Power supply with 3 stages of DC voltage regulation

    Fully asynchronous sample rate converter

    BurrBrown PCM1793 high-resolution D2A circuit and 8X oversampling digital filter

    Accurate digital clocking system for exceptionally low jitter levels

    Advanced analog signal path using a DC servo circuit and proprietary analog filter

    Pure copper circuit board tracings with extremely low impedance characteristics

    Extremely rigid chassis construction to minimize the effects of external vibrations

    Accurate matching of high quality components in a symmetrical circuit design

    Designed to be powered up at all times for optimal performance.