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Warwick Acoustics

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Model One (M1) Electrostatic Headphones + DAC by Warwick Acoustics has been designed to be optimized for today's High Resolution Audio formats. 

Every component of the system has been chosen to deliver unparalleled levels of performance and sound quality. 


  • High-Precision Electrostatic Laminate Transducer

    The new Model One (M1) Headphone System from Sonoma Acoustics is the world's first headphone system to use the High-Precisions Electrostatic Laminate (HPEL) audio transducer developed by Warwick Audio Technologies Ltd. 

    This patented technology brings in a new paradigm in the field of electrostatic transducers. It offers very low moving mass for extended high frequency response (over 60 kHz) and unmatched transient response, uniform drive over the entire panel to minimize break-up modes, and light weight for improved comfort. 

    The simplicity of the HPEL's design ensures exceptional durability and reliability as it is produces with modern automated manufacturing techniques to ensure unprecedented consistency and matching between transducers. 

    Injected Magnesium Ear-Cups

    Magnesium is the ideal material in which to house the HPEL to ensure optimal performance. It has excellent strength-to-weight ratio, high stiffness, superior acoustical damping and outstanding RFI/EMI shielding. The low weight also contributes to outstanding headphone comfort.

    Handmade Hair Sheep Ear & Headband Pads

    The ear-pads and headband are handmade from top-grain, Cabretta hair sheep leather to ensure comfort during listening sessions. This leather is known for its light weight, durability and softness.

    Custom Low-Capacitance Cable

    Warwick Acoustics has been in collaboration with Straight Wire Inc. to develop a special ultra-low capacitance cable to guarantee ideal signal transfer between amplifier and headphone. This extremely flexible, low weight cable is detachable via high-precision, self-latching connectors. 

    Class-A Energizing Amplifier

    Like all electrostatics, the HPEL requires a high-voltage drive amplifier in order to function. The supplied drive comes from an optimally matched, high-performance, discrete FET Class-A amplifier with very low distortion and wide bandwidth.

    The amplifier is encased in a completely shielded, machined aluminum enclosure to ensure isolation from all interference sources, and provides USB and coax S/PDIF digital as well as RCA analog inputs.

    The USB input accepts all Hi-Res Audio formats up to 32-bit/384 kHz PCM and DSD via DoP (DSD64 and DSD128), while the S/PDIF input accepts all PCM formats up to 24-bit/192 kHz. 

  • ESS SABRE Reference DAC

    ESS is universally recognized as the world's premium DAC chip manufacturer, and Warwick Acoustics has opted for their 32-bit Reference DAC. Each stereo DAC chip is operated in mono mode to provide a measured 129 dB signal-to-noise ratio.

    Custom 64-Bit Douple-Precision Fixed-Point DSP

    In order to obtain the desired response at the output of the headphones, Sonoma digitally processes all signals using custom 64-bit double-precision fixed-point arithmetic. Fixed-point is known to be superior in the world of audio processing, and their 64-bit arithmetic exceeds even the performance of professional audio workstations. 

    AKM Premium ADC

    All incoming analog signals must be converted to digital ahead of the DSP, and for this they use a multi-channel 32-bit/384 kHz AKM Premium ADC to deliver a measured signal-to-noise ratio in excess of 120 dB.

    Superior USB Data Cable

    With gold-plated connectors and a silver-plated data path, the supplied USB cable, co-developed with Straight Wire, is the perfect connection between your digital music source and the Sonoma M1 system.

    Custom Universal Voltage PSU

    Sonoma's custom-designed, universal voltage switch-mode power supply utilizes a fixed frequency design optimized for low noise within the audio bandwidth. To ensure a good connection with the amplifier unit, they use high-performance, locking DC power connectors. All audio circuitry within the amplifier is supplied by a secondary stage of ultra-low noise, high current linear regulation.


    Configuration: Open-back, circumaural type
    Transducer: HPEL, single-ended electrostatic
    Effective Diaphragm Area: 3570 mm2
    Frequency Response: 10 Hz - 60 kHz
    Output Level: Compliant with EN 60065/A12:2011 (EN50332) when driven by M1 Energizer/DAC (for all inputs)
    Ear and Headband Cushions:         Cabretta top-grain, sheepskin leather
    Input: Polarized, 4-pin, self-latching connectors for left and right channels
    Drive Cable: Ultra-low capacitance, silver-plated OFHC copper, with foamed PE insulation and Kevlar reinforcement; 2 meter length
    Weight: 303 grams (10.7 oz), without cable



    USB Input: USB 2.0 type B; accepts digital audio formats up to 32-bit/384 kHz PCM and DSD via DoP (DSD64/DSD128)
    Digital Coaxial Input: S/PDIF; accepts digital audio formats up to 24-bit/192 kHz PCM
    Analog Input (High Level): Dual RCA; 2.1 Vrms
    Analog Input (Low Level): 3.5 mm; 850 mVrms
    DAC: Dual mono, 32-bit/384 kHz DACs with balanced outputs
    ADC: 32-bit/384 kHz multi-channel ADC with balanced input buffers
    Digital Signal Processing (DSP):    64-bit (double-precision) fixed-point processing at native sample rates
    Amplifier/Energizer: Discrete FET, single-ended, high-bias Class-A output
    Distortion + Noise: < 0.05%
    Bandwidth: > 65 kHz
    Enclosure: CNC-machined 6063 aluminum
    Power Supply: External: 24 VDC, 60 VA, fixed frequency, class B-compliant SMPS;
    Internal: fully isolated, ultra-low noise linear regulation
    AC Mains: World voltage compatible (90-264 V, 50-60 Hz); IEC-60320 C14, earth-grounded power cable; 1.5 meter length
    Dimensions: H x W x D: 57 mm (2.24 in) x 190 mm (7.48 in) x 290 mm (11.42 in)
    Weight: 2.45 kg (5.40 lbs)