Sonos PLAY:5 Gen 2 Wireless Speaker


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The all new Sonos PLAY:5 is the ultimate smart speaker for today’s streaming music universe.

  • The PLAY:5 uses six state-of the-art digital amplifiers individually coupled with six speakers to deliver great sound to any room. Each instrument, each voice, every detail shines through, pure and precise. With remarkably distinct clarity. And zero audible distortion. Even when you crank it up loud. Really loud.

    Control all your music and streaming services from a single app (on your smartphone, tablet or computer) through your home WiFi network. Easy to set up and allows you to expand your system over time.

    Free Sonos Controller apps for Android, iPhone and iPad let you control your Sonos players, music on the Internet and your computer right from the palm of your hand. Download the apps for free on the iTunes App Store or Google Play™.

    Turn any Mac or PC desktop or laptop computer in your home into a Controller. The software is included for free with every Sonos component.

    If you have multiple music players, you can control what's playing in any room from anywhere in your house. Sonos Controllers aren't tied to a specific player, so you can use any Controller to control the music and the volume in all your rooms.

  • Class-D amplifiers: State of the art, great sounding amplifiers that are light weight, powerful and very energy-efficient in standby and use.

    Tweeters: Three tweeters create a crisp and accurate high-frequency response.

    Mid-woofers: Three dedicated mid-woofers ensure the faithful reproduction of mid-range frequencies crucial for accurate playback of vocals and instruments, while also delivering a deep, rich bass.

    Stereo Pair: Turn two PLAY:5s into separate left and right channel speakers to create wider, bigger, and deeper sound.

    5.1 Home Theatre: Add two PLAY:5 speakers to a PLAYBAR and SUB for a true surround sound experience.

    Top-panel controls: The PLAY:5’s touch interface is a simple, convenient way to control your music right from the speaker. Just tap for volume up/down and swipe for next/previous track.

    Trueplay: Measures the acoustics in any room – analysing things like size, layout and furnishings. Then fine-tunes your PLAY:5 to make sure the music sounds great, no matter where you place your speaker.

  • Weight: 6.36 kg

    Dimensions (H x W x D): 203 x 364 x 154 mm

    Power Supply: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz, universal input

    Storage temperature: -20°C to 70°C

    Operating temperature: 0°C to 40°C

    Controls: Touch interface with volume up/down, previous/next track and play/pause.

    Status Indicator: Light indicates PLAY:5 status.

    Microphones: Two built-in microphones to enable future enhancements of Trueplay tuning. (Microphones are currently non-functional. Users will be alerted when microphones are functional and active.)

    Humidity resistant: Designed to withstand high humidity, such as in a bathroom with a running shower. (The PLAY:5 is not waterproof or water resistant.)

    Product finish: White matte or Black matte enclosure, graphite grille.

    Rubber and felt feet: Built-in rubber feet