Sony NWWS413B Sports, Waterproof and Dustproof Walkman


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Salt water proof wireless Sports Walkman with enhanced comfort for active outdoor use.

  • Internal Storage
    This device comes with internal memory that allows you to keep copies of your favourite content. This makes it easier to immediately access your favourite content.

    In-Ear Design
    In-ear headphones offer greater portability and a comfortable fit for extended use. Easy to carry, high quality and very portable; in-ear headphones are a great choice if you commute frequently and don’t want to carry larger headphones with you.

    Sports Headphones
    Created with movement in mind, these headphones are designed to stay put while you’re moving. Good music can take your workouts to the next level; and with a sweat-resistant design and great durability, you’ll never worry about breaking these headphones.

    Completely Waterproof
    The fully waterproof design of this device make it an excellent choice if you want the freedom to use this unit anywhere you go. Whether you’re at the beach, in a pool, or in the rain, this device is fully operational submerged in water.

  • 4GB capacity
    Water proof (salt water) to 2m depth
    Works in temperatures from -5ºC to 45ºC

    Sound Effects Dynamic Normalizer
    MP3 YES
    Linear PCM YES
    Audio Playback MP3WMALinear PCMAAC
    Charging Time (Quick Charge) 3 minutes (60 minutes of use)
    Charging Time (full charge) 1.5 hours
    Battery Life - Continuous Playback Music MP3(128kbps) Ambient Sound Mode ON:8 hours (approx.), Ambient Sound Mode OFF:12 hours(approx.)Linear PCM(1411kbps) Ambient Sound Mode ON:7 hours(approx.), Ambient Sound Mode OFF:10 hours(approx.)
    System Requirements Microsoft Windows 8Windows 7 (SP1 or later)Windows Vista (SP2 or later)Windows XP5 (SP3 or later)Mac OS X (v10.6 or later)