STAX SR-507 Electrostatic Earspeakers


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The first SR-Λ (lambda) series was introduced 30 years ago, and now the SR-507 has accomplished further evolution with its new sounding body (sound element).

  • The conventional sound element has employed simplest structure so that as wide film diaphragm area as possible can be effectively used in comparison with its external size. Taking advantage of the conventional feature, the new sound element has been packaged in a tough resin case. Thus the new sound element has realized cleaner sound and more accurate sound image.

    Also new thin-film material almost free from stretch through temperature or humidity has been adopted, enabling both the rich, deep low-frequency and the delicate high-frequency sound

    Note: Stax drivers are manufactured specifically for our market and are 240V/50Hz spec, not 220V or switchable. All Stax products are shipped to Australia, listing the Australian Distributor identification and warranty is only valid here for products purchased here.
  • New style arc assembly: 

    The new style arc assembly (head band) uses STAX first 10-click slider mechanism for head-pad height adjustment. The new arc assembly has achieved the optimal wear comfort for almost all people. Moreover, once adjusted, the slider always maintains its optimal position to make its readjustment unnecessary.Also the new mechanism softens the side pressure to an ear, enabling you to enjoy hours of comfortable listening to music.

    Low-capacitance wide hybrid cable: 

    Valuable 6N high-purity annealed copper wires (φ0.14x3) are employed for the core wires, and six silver-plated annealed copper wires (φ0.08x9) are arranged for the perimeter. The whole cable uses the conventional wide parallel structure to lower the capacitance between each wire strand. This further improves the "freshness of sound"

    Genuine leather ear pad: 

    Although the main purpose of adopting genuine leather (sheepskin) ear pad is aimed at its breath-ability as well as the improvement of the wear feeling through its pliability to the head, it also greatly contributes to improve the "freshness of sound" and "the grace of sound."

  • Type: push-pull electrostatic, oval sound element, open-air back type enclosure (case)

    Frequency response: 7 - 41,000 Hz

    Electrostatic capacitance: 110pF (including attached code)

    Impedance: 145kΩ (including attached cable, at 10kHz)

    Sound pressure sensitivity: 100dB / input 100Vr.m.s. / 1kHz

    Maximum sound pressure level: 118dB / 400Hz

    Bias voltage: 580V DC (standard)

    Right/left channel indication: 'L' and 'R' indicated on the arc assembly (inside head spring), solid line (left) and dotted line (right) on cable

    Ear pad: genuine leather (skin-touching portion), high-class artificial leather (circumference portion:)

    Code: parallel 6-strand, 2.5m full length, low-capacity special wide cable, 6N(99.9999%) OFC with silver plating

    Weight: 533g (including attached code), 388g (without cable)

    Specifications and appearance are subject to change for improvement.