The Chord Company Chameleon RCA Cable

The Chord Company

Heavily influenced by the design of the Sarum interconnect, the ChameleonPlus features the same signal/dual return path used on all Chord high end cables, from the Signature Plus onwards.

  • The improved shielding reduces interference and makes the cable better able to carry signal and dynamic information.

    The ChameleonPlus offers outstanding levels of performance and a genuine taste of high end levels of detail and coherence.

    The ChameleonPlus is the first interconnect in the Chord range to use silver-plated conductors in combination with PTFE insulation, a combination of materials used extensively in Chord cables.

    The improvements this combination brings to levels of detail and dynamic and tonal transmission are very obvious and the ChameleonPlus is capable of carrying tremendous levels of detail and tonal information extremely accurately.

    The ChameleonPlus allows you to pick out and follow individual instruments without ever losing track of the music as a whole.

    • TERMINATIONS: Fitted with new Chord VEE Plugs.
    • A high performance RCA (phono) plug with vibration eliminating ABS enclosure.
    • PTFE insulated centre pin, low mass signal return surround.
    • Non compression clamping system reduces potential signal corruption.
    • Silver-plated contact areas maintain single material signal path.
    • Also available fitted with XLR plugs. Custom terminations available
  • CONDUCTORS: 4 x 26 AWG multi-stranded silver-plated oxygen free copper conductors

    CONFIGURATION: Single signal and dual return conductor configuration. Improves bass detail and definition, music sounds natural and coherent.

    CONDUCTOR INSULATION: PTFE. We believe that to obtain the most neutral tonal characteristic from silver-plated conductors it is vital to use PTFE insulation. Conductors are over wrapped with cotton fibre to improve mechanical noise rejection.

    SHIELDING: Dual layer; high density, lapped oxygen free copper shield and overlapped foil shield

    JACKET: Conductors encased in soft PVC to reduce mechanical noise, protective outer layer.

    COLOUR: Blue.