The Chord Company Power Chord 1.5M

The Chord Company

Terminated with 16 AMP rated Australian Plug. * 3 x only at this price.

The Power Chord has been designed to be highly compatible and to bring consistent improvements from system to system.

Hugely influential in its design have been the Chord Signature RCA interconnects and the Chord Signature speaker cable.

  • Our understanding of high frequency shielding systems gained from these products drove the design of the Power Chord. The high frequency shielding system will bring dramatic improvements to both the clarity and the dynamic performance of your system.

    The Power Chord has also been extremely successful when used to connect plasma screens, projectors and LCD televisions, bringing substantial improvements to clarity, contrast and detail levels.

    APPLICATIONS: All hi-fi components and home cinema equipment, plasma and LCD screens, projectors


    The Chord Power Chord is available terminated with high quality 13 and 16 amp IEC plugs chosen for best sound quality.

    UK and European mains plugs are available, other mains plugs are available to order.

  • CONDUCTORS: 3 14 AWG high purity multi-strand copper conductors.

    CONFIGURATION: Parallel conductor layout, dual layer floating shield


    SHIELDING: Dual layer high frequency effective braid and foil combination shield

    JACKET: High density vibration damping outer jacket  

    COLOUR: Purple .