The Funk Firm Achromat II 5mm thick (various colours)

The Funk Firm

Achromat is the natural progression from the original acrylic interface invented by Arthur Khoubesserian back in 1979.
Refining the theory he subsequently launched Achromat in 2005.

Ongoing refinements in composition and application means that Achromat is now more universal and better than ever.

  • The stylus accelerates at up to 20,000g. This means your groove wall is not so much caressed but more akin to being pummelled by a road hammer creating travelling shock waves.

    When there is a material change (the record sitting on a felt mat, say, these waves are reflected and  energy reflected from the bottom of the record (a mere 2mm thick) is sensed by the stylus and heard as colouration.

    Can we prevent his reflection?

    • Achromat 5mm: This is the standard recommended thickness.
    • In tests the 5mm consistently betters the 3mm mat.
  • Thickness: 5mm