The Funk Firm Flamenca Turntable

The Funk Firm

2014: Awarded

“Product of the Year” in its category - Absolute Sounds

Andrew Simpson HiFi Choice:
“But it only takes a few minutes of hearing it to know that the Flamenca is blessed with what makes the Funk brand so unique…you’ll be rewarded with an open window into the music”.

5 stars

  • Flamenca’s two-speed design is deceptive. Apparently simple, delivering its award winning and seductive performance comes not from any conventional, cut corner, basic offering but by Funk’s usual “outside-of-the-box” creative flair.

    Its all-new DC motor and circuit provides a clean drive for the precision-ground glass platter. A contrasting white drive cord makes a striking visual statement.

  • The F6 arm is a unique take on the unconventional. Stable and frictionless, it pivots on threads providing performance enhancing features usually found only in more expensive arms.
    - Azimuth adjustment for accurate setup
    - A simple detachable mounting block makes cartridge change easier than fighting a fixed headshell system.
    - Bias is adjusted from the support at the top.

    “Out of the box”, we balanced Flamenca’s performance as pure Funk.
    The rest followed.