The Funk Firm Little Super Deck with F5 Tonearm

The Funk Firm

Anticipate much…

Funk’s latest addition is a mid-priced turntable and arm.
Named Little Super Deck, it ought to come as no surprise that we ourselves feel there is nothing “mid-priced” in its performance, so as you read on be prepared for a few surprises.

  • Audition it. It delivers…

    You want a deck that digs more music from the grooves? Well you have found it. But how to know it delivers? Award after award this design comes in at number one.
    Funk’s “Little Super Deck” is aptly named.

  • How do we do it?...

    The platter may be industry standard but it rotates on top of a quality, hand burnished bearing. In turn this is driven by a superb motor and control.

    We wouldn’t be Funk if we didn’t couple and stabiiise the platter using Funk's unique three-pulley Vector Drive, which has delivered great results.
    The results show we were right. Independent German test measurements show some of the lowest ever recorded wow & flutter and rumble.

    Having started with a solid foundation for the turntable itself, what of the arm?

    Funk’s new F5 may be budget priced but careful choice of materials and constructions have resulted in a design with its resonances very well behaved. This makes it highly capable in its task of supporting your cartridge, even cartridges costing more than the price of the deck itself.

    Amongst many features are
    - a clever variable mass tracking weight system that helps optimise the arm for different cartridges which themselves really do have different preferences for arm characteristics and
    - a nifty headshell that makes fitting cartridges and adjusting the important parameters of overhang and azimuth easy using just a single screw.