V-Moda Metallo Case for Samsung Galaxy S3


Metal protective case for your smart phone that integrates with the V-Moda Vamp Verza DAC and Headphone Amplifier.

Transform your phone into a unique V-ANGLE masterpiece that stands out from the crowd

  • Designer Metal Protection For Your Smartphone

    Take a stand versus the billions of carbon copy round-edge rectangular-screen smartphones via our Anything But Circles and Plastic (A.B.C.P.) METALLO masterpiece" -Val Kolton, CEO 

    Solid and Lightweight: Perfect balance of a solid tactile feel and light weight portability

    V-ANGLE Design: Designed in Italy, patent-pending design will make your friends ask "what type of phone is that?"

    Reception Friendly: Rigorously tested globally in North America, Europe and Asia to ensure call reception and data is acceptable or improved, in some instances speeds increase (results vary by phone, WiFi, Bluetooth and service provider networks as models are often localized)

    Stand Up: METALLO, like the Crossfade M-100, can stand upright as a symbol of superiority and true innovation

    Foam and Protection Film Included: inner foam and clear film protects your phone from scratches

    Timeless Machined Metal Masterpiece 
    CNC Machined Metal: Forged from a single metal block, METALLO transforms your ordinary smartphone into a precious object

    60 Minutes: Each METALLO is precisely machine milled and laser-cut with a state-of-the-art process that takes nearly 60 minutes per unit

    Tactile Sound Feedback: Precision metal back plates make a sound like unsheathing a sword when removed and locking and loading a gun when installed (listen and see)

  • Includes Metallo Case frame, Protection Film, Back Plate, VERZADOCK Back Plate, Allen wrench, metal guitar pick, and a 1 year premier warranty.

  • Designed in Italy

    Metal Frame Weight: Samsung Galaxy S III 27g, iPhone 5/5s 15.5g

    Back Plate Weight: Samsung Galaxy S III 23g, iPhone 5/5s 24.5g

    VERZADOCK Back Plate Weight: Samsung Galaxy S III 40g, iPhone 5/5s 24.5g

    Warranty: 1 year V-MODA premier warranty

    VERZADOCK Accessory Compatibility: VAMP VERZA