Violectric HPA V181 Headphone Amplifier


HPA V181 is the first balanced headphone amp manufactured in and coming from Germany !

  • The HPA V200 was developed with the target to enable ultimate transmission quality for low- , medium- and high-impedance headphones.

    Due to its specific, variable, low-noise and low-distortion circuit design especially optimised for dynamic headphones, the HPA V200 fulfils even most sophisticated demands.

    • The four built-in amplifiers provide balanced operation of headphones!!
    • Connection is made via 4-pin Neutrik XLR connectors. Two "standard" headphones may be connected via 1/4" jacks on the front panel.
    • Case and back panel are made of aluminium and are Nextel coated.
    • The 8 mm frontpanel is black. The labeling is laser engraved.
    • Balanced inputs with gold-plated Neutrik XLR connectors
    • Unbalanced inputs with gold-plated ALPS cinch connectors
    • Switchable unbalanced outputs with cinch connectors
    • Optional USB input 16 Bit / 48 kHz or 24 Bit / 96 kHz
    • PRE-GAIN = switchable input gain in five steps
    • Independent-channel design
    • DC-coupled (switchable)
    • ALPS RK27 High-Grade volume control
    • High-Quality op-amps in the signal path
    • High-quality MKP capacitors in the signal path
    • 0.1 and 1% metal film resistors throughout the unit
    • 4 amplifiers with BUF634
    • 1 balanced headphone output, Neutrik 4-pin, gold plated
    • 2 silver-plated Neutrik headphone outputs
    • Relay-based headphone output cutoff
    • Toroidal transformer
    • Large filtering capacitors in the power supply
    • Switchable ground lift
    • Rugged aluminium case with Nextel coating
    • Solid, laser-engraved aluminium front panel