Audio-Technica AT-HPP33 Case for In Ear Headphones


  • Smart Storage.
    A convenient headphone case protect the headphones and cord from damage.
  • Two-tone color finish with different colors of the outer and the inner.

    Eliminate the cord tangle that causes damage and disconnection of the ear-bud / in ear headphones.

    Fits models :ATH-C101, ATH-C101G, ATH-C320, C310, ATH-C350TV, ATH-C505, C505TV, ATH-C505i, ATH-C505XP, ATH-CK400i, ATH-CK400XP, ATH-CK500S, CK500M, ATH-CK100PRO, ATH-CK70PRO, ATH-CK90PRO, ATH-CKF303, ATH-CKF500, ATH-CKL200, ATH-CKL200G, ATH-CKL202, ATH-CKP300, ATH-CKM33, ATH-CKM55, ATH-CKM77, ATH-CKM99, ATH-CKM1000, ATH-CKW1000, ATH-CKS55, ATH-CKS55i, ATH-CKS55S, ATH-CKS77, ATH-CKS77S, ATH-CKS77LTD, ATH-CKS90, ATH-CKS90i, ATH-CM707
    • The main material polyurethane TPR (rubber) 
    • Outside Dimensions: H110×W60 x D 26 mm (folded) 
    • Inside Dimensions: H80×W40 × D 20 mm 
    • Weight: 40 g