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What can our sound diffusing products do for you?

We tend to think that our audio system consists of the electronic components: amplifier, loudspeaker, turntable, streamer and so on. But the room in which your system is assembled has an enormous influence on the sound. Unless properly treated, it can significantly reduce the quality of your listening experience. Sound diffusers are panels that can be fitted to surfaces within your room to control the way the sound propagates through the room, ensuring that you get the best sound your system can possibly deliver.

The best brands

At Addicted To Audio we carry highly developed – and visually tasteful – sound diffusers from Vicoustic, which is based in Portugal. You may not be familiar with that brand, but once your room is treated, you’ll love it.

The best place to buy sound diffusers

There are two great ways to buy sound diffusers. The best way for most people is at a quality retail outlet in your city. That way you can have a listen in a room with them fitted, check out the styling and see whether they would be a good fit for your room. And, vitally, receive expert advice. But if you’re confident that you already know what you want, consider purchasing your sound diffusers direct from us at Addicted To Audio. We are an authorised Australian reseller for all our products. We provide full service and after sales support. And we ship fast.