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DUNU TITAN S Dynamic In-Ear Earphones SilverDUNU TITAN S Dynamic In-Ear Earphones Silver
DUNU Studio SA6 BA In-Ear EarphonesDUNU Studio SA6 BA In-Ear Earphones
DUNU EST 112 Hybrid In-Ear EarphonesDUNU EST 112 Hybrid In-Ear Earphones
DUNU DM-480 Dynamic In-Ear EarphonesDUNU DM-480 Dynamic In-Ear Earphones
DUNU Studio SA3 BA In-Ear EarphonesDUNU Studio SA3 BA In-Ear Earphones
Dunu Vulkan DK-X6Dunu Vulkan DK-X6
DUNU ZEN PRO Dynamic In-Ear EarphonesDUNU ZEN PRO Dynamic In-Ear Earphones
DUNU LUNA Dynamic In-Ear EarphonesDUNU LUNA Dynamic In-Ear Earphones
DUNU ZEN Dynamic In-Ear EarphonesDUNU ZEN Dynamic In-Ear Earphones

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Introducing Dunu

Dunu makes in-ear wired earphones. Plus a few related accessories. And that’s it. No on-ear headphones. No true wireless earbuds. It does just one category of thing, and it does it very well. As you might expect from a company that focuses on just one thing.

Way back in 1994 it started as an Original Equipment Manufacturer and Original Design Manufacturer, producing products of its own design for other companies, or products of those other companies’ design. But a dozen years later, having accumulated a vast amount of technological expertise, and the equipment needed to for leading-edge manufacture, it launched its own brand.