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Focal Clear Professional Open Back HeadphonesFocal Clear Professional Open Back Headphones
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Focal Elear Open Back HeadphonesFocal Elear Open Back Headphones
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Focal Elegia Closed Back HeadphonesFocal Elegia Closed Back Headphones
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Focal Listen Wireless Closed Portable HeadphonesFocal Listen Wireless Closed Portable Headphones
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Focal Clear HeadphonesFocal Clear Headphones
Focal Carry CaseFocal Carry Case
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Focal Listen Closed Portable HeadphonesFocal Listen Closed Portable Headphones
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Focal Arche DAC & Headphone AmplifierFocal Arche DAC & Headphone Amplifier
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Focal Elear Open Back Headphones [B-STOCK]Focal Elear Open Back Headphones [B-STOCK]
Focal Radiance Closed-Back HeadphonesFocal Radiance Closed-Back Headphones
Focal Headphone Stand
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Focal Clear & Focal Arche Bundle

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Introducing Focal

Since its founding in 1979, the French firm Focal has become world-renowned for both its loudspeakers and headphones.

The company crafts loudspeakers from modestly price satellites, through to the Grande Utopia loudspeakers which, at several hundred thousand dollars a pair, really are “zero compromise” loudspeakers. After all, these weigh more than 250 kilograms!

Some of Focal’s unusual features are inverted dome tweeters, which reduce directivity, and pure beryllium tweeters in its higher-level models.

The company applies this kind of technology to its first-class headphones as well, with both open and closed back over ear headphones, the higher end models also using pure beryllium for their drivers.