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HIFIMAN HE-400S Planar Magnetic HeadphonesHIFIMAN HE-400S Planar Magnetic Headphones
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HIFIMAN SuperMini Digital Audio PlayerHIFIMAN SuperMini Digital Audio Player
HIFIMAN Pali Earpads PairHIFIMAN Pali Earpads Pair
HIFIMAN Serenity Earpads PairHIFIMAN Serenity Earpads Pair
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HIFIMAN HE-5se Planar Magnetic HeadphonesHIFIMAN HE-5se Planar Magnetic Headphones
HIFIMAN HE-R10D Closed-Back HeadphonesHIFIMAN HE-R10D Closed-Back Headphones

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Introducing HIFIMAN

For a headphone company founded quite recently – it started up in 2007 – New York-based HIFIMAN has made quite a splash. Some of its models are held by many high-end headphone fans to be amongst the best on the market.

Many of its headphones are based around planar magnetic technology, which provides a large, extremely lightweight, and very well supported diaphragm to ensure top-notch sound reproduction. But it also uses traditional dynamic driver technology in some models.

HIFIMAN also has on offer excellent sources to drive them, including desktop DACs and headphone amplifiers, and a portable digital audio player.