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Sennheiser RS175 Wireless Closed Back HeadphonesSennheiser RS175 Wireless Closed Back Headphones
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Sennheiser HD600 Open Back HeadphonesSennheiser HD600 Open Back Headphones
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Sennheiser HD599Sennheiser HD599
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Sennheiser HD800SSennheiser HD800S
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Sennheiser HD660SSennheiser HD660S
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Sennheiser HD569Sennheiser HD569
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Sennheiser HD 560S Open Back HeadphonesSennheiser HD 560S Open Back Headphones
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Sennheiser IE80 S BTSennheiser IE80 S BT In-Ear Headphones
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Sennheiser HDR175
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Sennheiser HD400SSennheiser HD400S
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Sennheiser IE 300 In-Ear HeadphonesSennheiser IE 300 In-Ear Headphones
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Sennheiser RS120-IISennheiser RS120-II
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Sennheiser IE80 S In-Ear HeadphonesSennheiser IE80 S In-Ear Headphones
Sennheiser MOMENTUM iPhone Cable

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Introducing Sennheiser

Do we really need to say much about Sennheiser? After all, this German brand has been a huge player in the headphone field for more than fifty years, producing all kinds of classic models. Including one “Statement” set that costs tens of thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, even though it has several other models north of a thousand dollars, Sennheiser’s mid-priced models are universally praised, and enjoyed. Models like the HD 660S are up-to-date takes on the famed HD 6xx series.

But to the traditional wired models, it has added a range of Bluetooth over-ear headphones and wireless earphones which adhere to the company’s audio quality standards.