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Shure SRH1540 Premium Closed Back HeadphonesShure SRH1540 Premium Closed Back Headphones
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Shure SRH440A Professional Studio HeadphonesShure SRH440A Professional Studio Headphones
Audeze CRBN Electrostatic HeadphonesAudeze CRBN Electrostatic Headphones

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What can our Studio and DJ Headphones do for you?

For the most precise, accurate sound possible, professionals use headphones. Those professionals might be in the studio, or they might be DJs.

DJ headphones need excellent noise isolation. For studio headphones, that’s less important. What does matter for both types of headphone is that they deliver music faithfully. The sound delivered by studio headphones could affect the sound ultimately received by millions of consumers. And DJ headphones affect the sound delivered to a venue full of people out to immerse themselves in sound. Want accurate sound? These are good options to check out.

Do You Need An Audio Interface For Studio Headphones?

While you can technically power your headphones from any device with a headphone jack, a dedicated external digital-to-analogue converter, or “DAC” combined with a headphone amplifier can help create better headphone performance in two ways. Firstly, a high-quality DAC like the Schiit Audio Modi 3 DAC will help ensure the most accurate reproduction of digital sound and avoid unwanted distortion or “jitter” from your digital source. Next, a dedicated headphone amplifier, such as the ​​iFi Audio ZEN CAN Signature MZ99 Headphone Amplifier will help ensure your headphones have the adequate power to drive them to their potential, while providing a handy volume interface and keeping distortion at a minimum.

The best brands

At Addicted To Audio we carry headphones useful for studio or DJ use from a range of excellent brands, including such well-known brands as Audio-Technica. But we also carry an exciting range of higher-level headphones from some of the finest specialist brands in the world such as Audeze, Fostex, HEDD, Ultrasone, Koss, Focal, Jerry Harvey Audio and Shure. You may not be familiar with some of those brands, but they’ve got a quality experience in store for your ears.

What Is The Difference Between Studio Headphones And Regular

Studio headphones, like the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Over-Ear Headphones, are intended for audio professionals to help them accurately mix, monitor, or master audio tracks. Studio headphones are designed to help audio professionals find imperfections in an audio track with an accurate reproduction of all frequencies, and to help ensure a balanced output. Professional-oriented headphones like the Fostex T40RP Mk3 Professional Closed Headphones have a rugged and dependable construction to ensure they’re up to the task of daily, professional use, and as such they can make for a great solution for music lovers who are looking for a dependable and accurate pair of headphones.

Are DJ Headphones Good For Normal Use?

DJ headphones can be a great solution for simply enjoying your music! Because DJ headphones are designed to withstand the pressures of daily use and to provide accurate performance, gig after gig, they’re especially suited for portable music enjoyment.

Can You DJ With Wireless Headphones?

It is possible to DJ using wireless headphones, however it’s important to ensure that both your headphones and bluetooth source will provide a low latency transmission of sound, so that there are no mistakes in mixing or timing! The Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT2 Closed-Back Bluetooth Headphones feature the same rugged construction as their wired counterparts, and also feature a low latency mode. Just make sure you keep your headphones charged, you don’t want to be left high and dry in the middle of a gig!