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Koss Porta Pro StereophoneKoss Porta Pro Stereophone
Koss KSC-75 Titanium StereophoneKoss KSC-75 Titanium Stereophone
Koss BT221i Bluetooth HeadphonesKoss BT221i Bluetooth Headphones
Koss Porta Pro Wireless StereophoneKoss Porta Pro Wireless Stereophone
Koss Porta Pro with Mic/Remote HeadphonesKoss Porta Pro with Mic/Remote Headphones
Koss Porta Pro Foam Replacements
Koss Porta Pro KTC Portable HeadphonesKoss Porta Pro KTC Portable Headphones
Koss Pro4S Professional HeadphonesKoss Pro4S Professional Headphones
Koss Porta Pro Communication Headset BlackKoss Porta Pro Communication Headset Black

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Introducing Koss

Headphones had been around for decades, but no one produced high fidelity headphones for the sheer enjoyment of music. Until 1958, that is, when John C Koss showed the Koss SP/3 Stereophone at a trade show. That introduced personal, private listening to the world.

In the more than six decades since, Koss has continued to craft a range of headphones, from the lightweight portable models in the Koss Porta Pro range up to over ear closed back models and to high-end electrostatic models.

But apparently the company has fun, too. It still has the original Koss SP/3 Stereophone listed on its product page, albeit showing it as “Sold out”.