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Fostex T50RP Mk3 Professional Semi-Open HeadphonesFostex T50RP Mk3 Professional Semi-Open Headphones
Fostex TH610 Closed Back HeadphonesFostex TH610 Closed Back Headphones
Fostex ST300 Headphone StandFostex ST300 Headphone Stand
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Fostex TH900mk2 Closed Audiophile HeadphonesFostex TH900mk2 Closed Audiophile Headphones
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Fostex TM2 True Wireless EarphonesFostex TM2 True Wireless Earphones
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Fostex TH-909 Premium Open HeadphonesFostex TH-909 Premium Open Headphones
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Fostex TH500RP Premium RP Stereo HeadphonesFostex TH500RP Premium RP Stereo Headphones

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Introducing Fostex

Fostex is one of those companies that straddles the consumer and pro audio worlds, taking the lessons learnt in each to improve its products for the other. The name Fostex was established in 1973, but this Japanese company had been in operation since 1948.

We have available a wide range of Fostex’s headphones and earphones, including its studio and DJ models, plus a range of gorgeously crafted models designed for the discerning listener. Also available are headphone amplifiers with DACs which will lift the personal audio experience to a new level.