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Bryston BR4 Black Remote Control
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Bryston 2.5B³ Stereo Power Amplifier SilverBryston 2.5B³ Stereo Power Amplifier Silver

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Introducing Bryston

After an audiophile quality amplifier that’s also bulletproof? Then Bryston should be on your shortlist. Bryston Ltd is a Canadian firm that has been building consumer and professional amplifiers for more than 35 years.

It offers a deep range of top-end power amplifiers – both monoblocks and stereo models – pre-amplifiers and integrated amplifiers. A modular design allows the preamps and integrated amplifiers to be fitted with DAC and Phono pre-amp modules, providing whatever facilities you need.

In addition, it has standalone phono pre-amps and network streamers. Expect the highest standards of performance from Bryston gear.