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How Does A Power Amplifier Work?

A power amplifier works by increasing the level of an input signal to a level with enough current and voltage to power the drivers of your speakers.

A power amplifier, such as the Naim NAP 200 DR Power Amplifier (unlike a preamplifier or integrated amplifier) has no built-in volume control - they output 100% of their power all the time, and require a preamplifier to regulate the input volume level.

Do I Need A Power Amplifier?

If you have speakers that require a healthy amount of power to perform at their best, then adding a dedicated power amplifier into your home audio system can yield a substantial improvement in sound quality.

Without enough sufficient power reserves (or “headroom”) to allow your speakers to properly handle the dynamic peaks in music, they can distort or “clip”, which can actually damage your equipment.

One benefit of having a separate power amplifier (or a pair of power amplifiers in a “mono-block” configuration) in your home audio system is that you can mix and match your components to better suit your needs in the future should you decide to add new speakers, or if you already have a preamplifier that’s appropriate for your system.

What Is The Difference Between An Integrated Amplifier And A Power Amplifier?

An integrated amplifier (or “stereo receiver”) is an all-in-one device that combines the input selection and volume control of a preamplifier with the output stage of a power amplifier.

A power amplifier, on the other hand, solely amplifies a single incoming signal to output 100% of its power in order to drive passive speakers.

Can I Connect Powered Speakers To An Amplifier?

Powered speakers should not be connected to the speaker terminals of a power amplifier. They are designed to only accept a “line level” signal, and an amplified signal from a power amplifier will probably cause them considerable damage.

Does A Power Amp Improve Sound Quality?

The amplification section of an integrated amplifier can be more modest in power and capability than a dedicated power amplifier, and so listeners who are looking for the ultimate in speaker-driving potential often add a power amplifier (or even one for each individual speaker!) to their home audio system.

The best brands

At Addicted To Audio we carry an exciting range of superb power amplifiers from some of the finest specialist brands in the world, such as Bryston, Aurender, MOON by Simaudio, Burson Audio, Mytek, Octave, Schiit Audio and SPL. You may not be familiar with some of those brands, but they’ve got a quality experience in store for your ears.

The best place to buy a power amplifier

There are two great ways to buy a power amplifier. The best way for most people is at a quality retail outlet in your city. That way you can have a listen, try some out, see which ones feel like a good “fit” for you. Retailers are particularly good at helping you ensure that your purchase is fully compatible with the rest of your equipment. A good match between power amplifier and speakers is vital. But if you’re confident that you already know what you want, consider purchasing your amplifier direct from us at Addicted To Audio. We are an authorised Australian reseller for all our products. We provide full service and after sales support. And we ship fast.