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Sonos AmpSonos Amp
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Sonos Amp
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Burson Audio Bang Stereo Power AmplifierBurson Audio Bang Stereo Power Amplifier
Octave RE320 Stereo Power Amplifier SilverOctave RE320 Stereo Power Amplifier Silver
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Sonos Amp & Focal 100 OD6 Bundle
Focal 100 IWSUB8 AmplifierFocal 100 IWSUB8 Amplifier
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Aurender X725 Integrated Amplifier and USB DAC SilverAurender X725 Integrated Amplifier and USB DAC Silver

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What can one of our Power Amplifiers do for you?

In higher end systems, the pre and power amplifiers are often separate units, and sometimes not even the same brand as each other. The power amplifier takes the output from the pre amplifier and amplifies it so that it can drive your loudspeakers. Power amplifiers typically have only one or two sets of inputs: RCA sockets for almost all, plus balanced XLR for some higher level models. There are several different fundamental power amplifier designs. Class A/B is the traditional well-balanced design; Class A has lower output and consumes more power, but is generally more highly regarded; Class D is relatively new and controversial technology. Some love it, some hate it, but it does have the advantage of being much more energy efficient and runs cooler.

The best brands

At Addicted To Audio we carry an exciting range of superb power amplifiers from some of the finest specialist brands in the world, such as Bryston, Aurender, MOON by Simaudio, Burson Audio, Mytek, Octave, Schiit Audio and SPL. You may not be familiar with some of those brands, but they’ve got a quality experience in store for your ears.

The best place to buy a power amplifier

There are two great ways to buy a power amplifier. The best way for most people is at a quality retail outlet in your city. That way you can have a listen, try some out, see which ones feel like a good “fit” for you. Retailers are particularly good at helping you ensure that your purchase is fully compatible with the rest of your equipment. A good match between power amplifier and speakers is vital. But if you’re confident that you already know what you want, consider purchasing your amplifier direct from us at Addicted To Audio. We are an authorised Australian reseller for all our products. We provide full service and after sales support. And we ship fast.