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Topping TCX1-25 XLR Cable PairTopping TCX1-25 XLR Cable Pair
Topping TCR2-25 RCA Cable PairTopping TCR2-25 RCA Cable Pair

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Introducing Topping

In recent years Topping has made a splash through audiophile communities around the world for the extraordinary value for money of its high performance components, and now it’s available here in Australia as well. Topping concentrates on desktop gear, mostly headphone amplifiers and DACs, sometimes in the same unit. Some also feature Bluetooth connectivity.

Topping devices are compact, yet all the higher-end models offer full differential balanced connections. These are especially useful in the complementary DAC and headphone amplifier devices. The upper level models of the latter provide full support for balanced headphones, as well, via both 4-pin XLR and 4.4mm outputs.