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HiFi ROSE RS250 High Performance Network StreamerHiFi ROSE RS250 High Performance Network Streamer
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HiFi ROSE RSA780 CD Ripper & PlayerHiFi ROSE RSA780 CD Ripper & Player
HiFi ROSE RSA720 Optical HubHiFi ROSE RSA720 Optical Hub
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HiFi ROSE RA180 Integrated AmplifierHiFi ROSE RA180 Integrated Amplifier

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Introducing HiFi Rose

There’s a world of network music out there, ready to stream into your home in the highest quality … if your equipment is up to it. HiFi Rose is here to deliver that music for you. The South Korean firm’s streamers differ from most in employing a colourful multi-touch screen on the front panel of each product, ensuring that they are easy and fun to use. Aluminium bodies provide a stylish flair to their looks.

Inside HiFi Rose streamers use first class electronics ensuring that all current digital audio standards are supported and delivered with the very highest quality.