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Violectric HPA V202 Headphone AmplifierViolectric HPA V202 Headphone Amplifier
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Violectric HPA V222 Headphone AmplifierViolectric HPA V222 Headphone Amplifier
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Violectric PPA V790 Phono PreamplifierViolectric PPA V790 Phono Preamplifier
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Violectric HPA V340 Balanced Headphone Amplifier BlackViolectric HPA V340 Balanced Headphone Amplifier Black
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Violectric DHA V380 Balanced Headphone Amplifier & DAC BlackViolectric DHA V380 Balanced Headphone Amplifier & DAC Black
Save $824.85
Violectric V590 Balanced Headphone Amplifier BlackViolectric V590 Balanced Headphone Amplifier Black

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Introducing Violectric

You can think of Violectric as the audiophile spin-off from the German pro-audio brand Lake People. In 2009, Lake People took its almost quarter century of experience with high quality professional equipment and developed a true audiophile range of products. All are made in Germany.

The Violectric products we offer include superbly high-quality DACs, headphone amplifier and phono preamplifiers. Violectric offers ongoing support for its models, so we also have upgrade boards for older units, increasing their digital audio capabilities.

With their pro-audio lineage, Violectric headphone amplifiers provide exceptional output levels, ensuring that they can cope with any headphones you may use.