Violectric Coax Digital Input with 24/96 for HPA V100/V181/V200


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Upgrade your HPA V100, HPA V181 und HPA V200 to give it a digital coax input. 

  • With this circuit it is possible to provide a coaxial digital input for the headphone amps HPA V100, HPA V181 und HPA V200. The coaxial digital input can be used to connect a digital device with a coaxial digital output (often called "S/P-DIF) like CD/DVD-Players or computers.

    • PCM coded 2-channel digital data with sampling rates from 28 ... 108 kHz are supported.
    • The electrical characteristics meets the S/P-DIF standard while the incoming data may be "professional" or "consumer" coded.
    • The built-in digital receiver forwards the data to a separate D/A converter offering 110 dB dynamic range and -100 dB THD+N.
    • The converted digital data has priority over all other analog inputs and will mute these when valid data is received.
  • Sample Rate: 28...108kHz

    THD+N: -100dB

    Dynamic Range: 110dB

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