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iFi nano iDSD Black LabeliFi nano iDSD Black Label
iFi Earbuddy Noise ReduceriFi Earbuddy Noise Reducer
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iFi xCAN Portable Headphone AmplifieriFi xCAN Portable Headphone Amplifier
iFi audio DC BlockeriFi audio DC Blocker
iFi audio GND DefenderiFi audio GND Defender

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Introducing iFi audio

Based in Southport in the United Kingdom, iFi audio has been creating high fidelity products since 2012. Particularly notable are the company’s compact headfi components: desktop and portable DACs and headphone amplifiers that are amongst the most highly regarded in the business.

Unlike many, though, iFi audio is also dedicated to delivering the cleanest, most noise-free signal possible. To that end it has developed a range of power conditioners and isolators that ensure all mains and USB noise is blocked from contaminating the signal. And it also offers high quality cables to carry those signals.