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Grado Labs 8MZ Stylus Replacement
Grado Prestige 3 Series Gold3 Stylus
Grado Prestige 3 Series Blue3 Stylus
Grado Prestige 3 Series Black3 Stylus
Goldring E3 Replacement StylusGoldring E3 Replacement Stylus
Grado Prestige 3 Series Green3 Stylus
Grado Labs MCZ Stylus Replacement
Grado Prestige 3 Series Red3 Stylus
Grado Labs Signature 8 Stylus Replacement
Goldring E4 Replacement Stylus
Grado Prestige Series ME+ Stylus
Grado Prestige Series MC+ Stylus
Grado Prestige Series 78E Stylus
Grado Prestige Series 78C Stylus
Grado Lineage Series Epoch3 Stylus
Grado Lineage Series Aeon3 Stylus
Grado Lineage Series Statement3 Stylus
Grado Timbre Series Master3 Stylus
Grado Timbre Series Sonata3 Stylus
Grado Timbre Series Platinum3 Stylus
Grado Timbre Series Opus3 Stylus
Goldring E2 Replacement Stylus
Goldring E1 Replacement Stylus
Goldring 2200 Replacement StylusGoldring 2200 Replacement Stylus
Goldring 2300 Replacement StylusGoldring 2300 Replacement Stylus
Goldring 2400 Replacement Stylus
Goldring 2500 Replacement Stylus
Grado Labs The Statement Stylus Replacement

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What can a Turntable Stylus do for you?

Record playing with vinyl is a contact sport. Modern high-quality cartridges typically keep the pressure on a stylus at two grams or less in the vinyl groove. Nonetheless, this causes wear and tear. And not just on the vinyl. Even the diamond of the stylus wears. Generally a turntable stylus should be replaced after around a thousand hours of use. In some cases, after a shorter period. If, for example, you’ve been playing back records which are dirty. Or your stylus uses an unusual shape, like micro-line. For these, replacement should be closer to every 500 hours of playback.

The stylus on most moving magnet and moving coil cartridges is user replaceable. For moving coil cartridges, in most cases, for stylus replacement the cartridge needs to go into the workshop.

The best brands

At Addicted To Audio we carry replacement turntable or phono styluses – or phono styli as some like to call them – from some of the finest specialist brands in the world, such as Audio-Technica, Goldring, Grado and Rega. You may not be familiar with some of those brands, but they’ve got a quality experience in store for your ears.

The best place to buy a turntable stylus

There are two great ways to buy a turntable stylus. The best way for most people is at a quality retail outlet in your city. Just make sure you note down the brand and model number of your cartridge, and the experienced staff there will advise you which stylus you need, and probably have it in stock. But if you’re confident that you already know what you want, consider purchasing your stylus direct from us at Addicted To Audio. We are an authorised Australian reseller for all our products. We provide full service and after sales support. And we ship fast.