FiiO LA-UA1 Noise Isolator


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Fiio LA-UA1 USB Male to USB Female Adapter

Small and light for maximum portability
The LA-UA1, with its diminutive footprint and cable of only 6cm length, is extremely easy to carry and use in a variety of environments.

Connect two, instantly
You can simply connect two USB devices and instantly start using them without any hassle.

Suppressing noise at its source
With its power reconstruction functionality and fully isolated ground and built-in power supply circuits, the LA-UA1 isolates your USB device from the noisy power supply connected at the other end by taking the power and regenerating much purer power to that USB device. This purification effect is especially obvious with noise-sensitive devices in heavy noise environments.

Drive without fear you’re protected
You don’t have to worry about using the LA-UA1 with its short-circuit overload protection.

Robust metal case
The aluminum-magnesium alloy casing may be simple in design, but has superior texture and is immensely durable.


Product type: USB power isolator
Product name: LA-UA1
Input voltage: DC 5V
Output voltage: DC 5V(±5%), 3W(max)
Cable length: approx. 6cm(without isolator)
Cable: pure copper core, no data transmission function
Cable be used with: M/X series players, BTR series Bluetooth amps, Q series DAC/amps