HiFiMAN HE-6se Planar Magnetic Headphones


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The original HE6 remains a legend in the headphone industry. Due to many requests over the years, HifiMan has updated this classic in a limited-number edition. While the driver remains the same, it features an updated earcup and all-new headband structure to improve on this classic design.

The HifiMan H6se features a newly designed, lighter headband that's more adjustable for a more natural fit and added comfort during long listening sessions. It features a 10° angle on the 3.5mm headphone connectors, easing the pressure points that strain can straight-angled connectors. This design ensures a solid, reliable, and long-lasting link to the headphones.

"For many music lovers, the HE6 was their introduction to true high-performance audio from a headphone, and it remains one of our most successful products to date. But I can’t help looking at our biggest sellers without thinking about what we can do a little different that will make them noticeably better.”
— Dr. Fang Bian, Founder & CEO, HiFiMan
In addition to the headband and connectors, the finish has been upgraded to a new satin gunmetal gray that brings both elegance and aesthetic appeal.

The new HE6se maintains the exceptional sonic characteristics of its predecessor, featuring a wide, natural soundstage with neutral imaging and depth that faithfully maintains the intended sound of the artist and producer.

Like many of the finest full-size loudspeakers, the HE6se headphone requires a powerful amplifier to drive it. To this end, HiFiMan includes its HE6 adapter with the new model, making it easy to connect the HE6se to nearly any currently available power amplifier.

Frequency response : 8Hz - 65KHz
Impedance : 50 Ohms
Sensitivity : 83.5 dB
Weight : 502g (17.7 ounces)


HE Adapter for driving the HE6se with a full-size power amplifier
OCC (single crystal copper) 4-pin XLR cable (2 meters/6 feet)
OCC XLR to 6.5mm headphone plug adapter (1 meter/3 feet)
Headphone cable connector
Spare earpad