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AVID HIFI Flat Turntable Cover
AVID HIFI Level 45AVID HIFI Level 45
AVID Diva Full Cover
AVID HIFI Pellar Phono StageAVID HIFI Pellar Phono Stage
AVID HIFI Pulsus Phono StageAVID HIFI Pulsus Phono Stage
AVID HIFI Full Turntable Cover

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Introducing Avid HiFi

Avid HiFi is all about high-end analogue audio. Unlike many other brands, it did not start with low cost products and work its way up to premium models. Its very first product was the no-compromise Acutus turntable. The Acutus is still in production more than two decades later, further refined over the years. And since then, Avid HiFi has introduced lower-cost models, and which have inherited much of the high-end technology from Avid HiFi’s higher-cost products.

The main focus of Avid HiFi founder Conrad Mas has been eliminating all unwanted vibrations from the firm’s turntables. Each one is crafted in the company’s English factories.