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  • Extruded anodised aluminium Fraim legs available in three heights
  • Modular design allows for system expansion over time
  • Decoupled structure with inter-level cup-and-cone interfaces underneath shelves
  • Stainless steel floor spikes for maximum isolation
  • Optimised shelf spacing to reduce magnetic interaction between components

Overall Dimensions

643 x 442 mm (W x D)

Shelf Dimensions

452 x 340 mm (W x D)

Available Height (per level)

Standard level 131 mm

Medium level 206 mm
Tall level 280 mm

Level Height

Standard level 150 mm

Medium level 225 mm
Tall level 299 mm
Base level 79 mm
Shipping Weight Standard level 5.4 kg
Medium level 6 kg
Tall level 6.65 kg
Base level 4.7 kg
Twin level 8.9 kg
Base and level 8.2 kg
Weight Standard level 3.5 kg
Medium level 4.1 kg
Tall level 4.75 kg
Base level 2.8 kg

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