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  • Closed-back design: Provides sound isolation (passive noise cancelling) and distraction-free listening.
  • Airy spacious sound: Detailed natural tonality offers intimately true vocal reproduction and deep bass (6 Hz - 30,000 Hz).
  • Speaker-like spatial imaging: Angled drivers create a panoramic soundstage - exceptional for a closed-back design.
  • 42mm transducers: High-performance German engineering provides outstanding detail retrieval and an ultra-light voice coil.
  • Lightweight chassis: Stainless-steel reinforced sliders and earcup covers provide durability for long term use.
Sennheiser HD620S Closed-Back Headphones
Wearing Style Wired headband
Ear Coupling Over-ear (Circumaural)
Ear Pad Material Artificial leather
Acoustic Principle Closed-back
Transducer Principle Dynamic (single driver)
Transducer Size 42 mm with a 38 mm diaphragm
Frequency Response 6 Hz - 30,000 Hz
Impedance 150 Ω
Sound Pressure Level (SPL) 110 dB (1 kHz / 1 Vrms)
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) <0.05% (1 kHz / 90 dB SPL)
Magnetic Field Strength 6.25mT
Weight (without cable) 326 g
Audio Cable(s) 1.8 m cable with 3.5 mm plug
Audio Adapter(s) 3.5 to 6.3 mm adapter
  • Closed-back headphones HD 620S
  • 1.8 m cable with 3.5 mm plug
  • 3.5 to 6.3 mm adapter

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