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  • Each conductor composed of 24 strands of individually gold-plated OFC copper with a fiber inner core
  • 16 conductors create an IEM cable equivalent to 18 AWG overall
  • FEP (Teflon) jacket for oil and moisture resistance, toughness surpassing PVC or PE jackets
  • Woven with common mode geometry for a low impedance effective shield
  • Enhances depth and soundstage wideness of the cable's sound signature
  • Extremely quiet with low microphonics
  • Soft and easy to bend and articulate
  • Emphasizes mids and lows, pairs well with balanced armature-based IEMs
ALO Audio Gold 16 Upgrade IEM Cable Specifications
ESS Sabre DAC (9281CPRO with MQA support)
SNR 120db
THD+N 0.0006%
Output Impedance < 2 ohm
PCM Sampling Frequency up to 384kHz
DSD Sampling Frequency up to 5.6MHz
MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) Support

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