AVID Volvere Full Turntable Cover


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  • AVID Volvere SP & Sequel SP Full Dust Cover

  • AVID's bespoke covers will enclose all their turntables and many others, offering full protection from dust and other dangers.

    This cover is manufacturer to the highest quality in clear acylic.

    The more economical Volvere Full cover, which also serves the Sequel features machined feet to keep the cover rigid whilst handling.

  • External Width: 466mm

    External Depth: 396mm

    External Height: 230mm

    Internal Width: 460mm

    Internal Depth: 390mm

    Internal Height: 227mm

    Net Weight: 1.9 Kg

    Shipping Weight: 4 Kg

    Packaging: 540mm x 520mm x 320mm