Cardas Clear Reflection Interconnect


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Clear Reflection is our latest interconnect. 

  • Clear Reflection is our latest interconnect, combining the traditional Cardas warmth and musicality (think Golden Reference), with the depth and imaging of Clear. 

    Priced above Clear Light, and significantly below Clear. 

  • Termination Options:
    Clear Reflection Interconnect is terminated with copper trimmed Cardas SRCA RCA connectors or CG XLR plugs. 

  • Construction:
    .450" O.D., Cardas copper, PFA-air dielectric, 2 x 25.5 AWG Clear Reflection conductors, Matched Propagation, Golden section, Crossfield, litz, double shielding, Alcryn jacket.

    0.5M, 1.0M, 1.5M, 2.0M, 2.5M, 3.0M