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  • The product is crafted from high-quality copper, ensuring durability and excellent conductivity.
  • It features a rhodium over silver plating that enhances signal integrity and overall sound quality.
  • Designed as an adjustable bi-wire jumper plate, it is perfect for connecting single-ended speaker cables to bi-wire speakers.
  • This jumper plate is a substantial upgrade over the standard, low-quality jumpers that come with most speakers, providing better conductivity and reduced signal loss.
  • The economical stamped design not only optimizes audio output but also enhances sound clarity and detail.
  • Available in various finishes including rhodium over silver, bare copper, or gold plating, it offers aesthetic and performance choices to fit any audio system.
  • Its versatility makes it suitable for both home audio systems and professional setups, aiming to deliver the highest possible audio performance.
Cardas Audio Rhodium over Silver Plated Bi-Wire Jumper Plate
Material High-quality copper
Plating Rhodium over silver
Design Adjustable bi-wire jumper plate
Improvement over Standard Upgrades from low-quality standard jumpers
Construction Economical stamped design
Sound Quality Enhances sound clarity and detail
Available Finishes Rhodium over silver, bare copper, gold plating
Versatility Suitable for home and professional audio systems

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