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  • De-coupled high torque DC motor
  • Bulletproof wood construction
  • Timeless design
Construction Details: Resonance-optimised body, bullet proof wood chassis in sandwich construction embedded between two aluminium plates.
Speed Options: 33 ⅓, 45, 78rpm
Drive Unit: High torque 24V DC motor exclusively made for Clearaudio; Optical Speed Control (OSC) in real time through infrared sensor
Decoupled DC motor in chassis; resonance damping device; flat belt-drive
Bearing: Cut and polished ceramic shaft in a sintered bronze bushing, Clearaudio patented ceramic magnetic bearing (CMB)
Platter: Synthetic material, CNC-precision milled surface, 40mm thickness / 1.57 inch.
Aluminium sub-platter
Speed Accuracy (Measured): ± 0.03%
Power Consumption: Max. consumption: 8.6 watts
Consumption in operation: 2.5 watts
Standby mode: 2.5 watts
Off mode: 0.0 watts
Total Weight: Approx 13.5kg
Dimensions: Approx. 420 × 350 × 135mm (without tonearm)
Warranty: 5 Years
  • Ovation Turntable

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