DITA Audio The Twins: Fealty In Ear Headphones

DITA Audio

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The Twins Fealty and Fidelity is an approach to earphone design that begins with two products cohesively developed by the design and engineering departments at DITA. 

  • Technically, the new composite driver used in Fealty and Fidelity is trickled down from the lessons learnt in manufacturing the Dream. By varying the composite amounts of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) and PEN (Polyethylene Naphthalate) used to form the diaphragm, two different drivers can be formed from the same lineage. This holistic approach versus an ad hoc approach (such as filters and electronics) allows the total sound signature to remain cohesive to its intended target curve.

  • Inspired and guided by the duality of life and human relationships. Fealty and Fidelity define the awkward process all manufacturers face of having to serve and please two masters. The Music and the Listener. The introduction of two products at the same time further invokes the dynamics of duality in all that is important to music listeners and equipment enthusiasts. Neither Fealty nor Fidelity is skewed in any one way, preferences are left to the individual listener to decide, just like their musical preferences.

  • Driver Single dynamic driver: Ref-Fe

    FR 18Hz-25kHz

    Impedance 16 ohms

    Sensitivity 95dB +/- 1 dB@1kHz

    Colour Fealty: Iridium Silver

    Cable DITA Fat Cable 2 with TPE Insulating Jacket

    Connector Awesome 2.5mm TRRS & 3.5mm TRSS