Earsonics EM32 Custom In Ear Monitors


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The result of 10 years of R&D. Dynamic and musical, the ultimate tool for gigs..

    Based on the big drivers’ architecture that made our PRO range renowned, the EarSonics EM32 is the new generation ear monitor made for the live concert. It offers the best in terms of spectrum controlling with live ultra-dynamic signals.


    A balanced and natural sound with a big sub-bass response that offers an exceptional listening feeling. Rigor throughout the whole audio spectrum, control of aggressiveness and finesse of treble are the main characteristics of this new model. The right product for demanding engineers and “sound” enthusiast.


    Our R & D department has specially worked on the frequency response extension with 3-way PA sound systems technique as well an advanced processing of audio spectrum to deliver natural balanced listening at needed volume during live performances.

    Sensitivity: 119 dB/mW
    Frequency response : 10 Hz -20 kHz
    DCR: 34 ohms
    Driver: 3 balanced armature drivers, HQ 3-way passive crossover with impedance corrector.

    EM32 with its replaceable cable
    1 cleaning tool
    User manual