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  • Developed to drive even the most demanding headphones with up to 8 Watts of power
  • Exclusive finish and extensive customization options
  • Multiple inputs and outputs for maximum functionality
  • Balanced input / output XLR connections
Power Tubes 300B
Driver Tubes PsVane CV-181 mk2 (6SN7)
Inputs 2x unbalanced RCA inputs (IN1, IN2), 1x balanced XLR input (IN3)
Input Impedance 1V RMS
Outputs 1x pair of pre-amplifier output as RCA, 1x pair of pre-amplifier output as XLR
Output Voltage 5V (RMS) at output impedance of 600Ω and THD<0,5%
Impedance Selector Guidance LO – up to 60Ω
MID – up to 300Ω
HI – up to 600Ω–mnh
Amplifier Impedance LO at 32Ω load is 3,8Ω
MID at 100Ω load is 8,8Ω
HI at 600Ω is 20Ω
Frequency Response 8Hz÷100kHz ±3dB
18Hz÷40kHz ±1dB
Headphone Outputs 6.3mm and XLR
Power Consumption 110VA
Weight 15.1kg
Dimensions 35x33x18,5cm (LxWxH) – without tubes
35x33x24,5cm (LxWxH) – with tubes
  • Matched pair of driver tubes CV-181(6SN7)
  • Matched pair of power tubes 300B
  • AC cord
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

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