Focal Dimension Soundbar

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Focal's first sound bar is a winner
Focal makes some fantastic car and home audio speakers, so we were quite excited to see them design their first sound bar — the Dimension. Not surprisingly, they hit it out of the park. How does the Focal Dimension offer such engaging, enveloping sound? Two simple ingredients: really good speakers and sophistical digital processing. Together, they create a soundstage that's wide and deep, so more seating positions get an involving multichannel experience with movies and dynamic sound with music.

  • From the car to the home theater
    The Dimension sound bar's five built-in speakers were inspired by Focal's high-performance car speakers. They designed a speaker that was relatively flat with deep bass response and a wide dispersion pattern. These drivers were perfect for a thin sound bar that could project sound across a large listening area and deliver impressive bass response. The drivers were further refined and augmented with side-panel ports for enhanced bass response. Focal also developed advanced digital signal processing to deliver a realistic multichannel experience. How good does it sound? Good enough to earn a prestigious 2014-15 European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) award for best home theater sound bar.

    More cool features
    What else do we love about the Focal Dimension sound bar? HDMI connectivity offers Dolby and DTS processing, for true 5.1-channel home theater sound. HDMI also lets you control the system and your TV with a single remote. It can also receive audio coming from your compatible TV's tuner with the Audio Return Channel (ARC) feature. A cool touchscreen display offers volume and source control. It only lights up when it senses hand-motion in front of it or a command from the remote control. There are also four switches on the sound bar's rear panel that allow you to optimize the sound based on your room and setup. Just a few simple selections and this system will be enveloping your couch or comfy chair in rich, robust sound.

  • 5 ultra-flat speaker-drivers made of paper cones - 315/16" (10cm
    6-channel 450 Watts
    side-panel ports offer enhanced bass response
    slim cabinet for wall-mounting (bracket included) or resting on a stand
    touchscreen display for controlling volume, inputs and listening mode turns on by sensing motion or remote command
    night mode reduces dynamic range to limit loud bursts
    Dolby® Digital and DTS® decoding
    rear-panel selectors optimize the sound for various setups (Room, Sub, Distance, and Position)
    HDMI in/out with Audio Return Channel
    HDMI-CEC function lets you control sound bar with your TV's remote
    optical digital audio input
    3.5mm AUX input for use with a portable music player
    LFE output for use with an optional powered subwoofer
  • frequency response: 50-25,000 Hz
    remote control with bass level control
    115.5 x 11.5 x 11.5 cm
    weight: 5.5kg
    warranty: 1 year