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  • Wireless Connectivity: The GAÏA speaker offers wireless audio input, making it convenient to pair with computers and other audio sources via the Goldmund lossless wireless protocol​​​​​​.
  • Advanced Driver Configuration: Each speaker unit includes a total of eight drivers, comprising one dome super tweeter, one dome tweeter, two 4” high mediums, two 6” low mediums, and two 12” woofers, designed to cover a wide frequency range and deliver powerful sound​​​​.
  • High Power Amplification: The built-in Telos amplifiers provide substantial power with a total output of 2150 W per speaker. This includes dedicated amplifiers for each driver type, ensuring precise and dynamic sound reproduction​​​​.
  • Sophisticated Design and Construction: The GAÏA speakers feature a sleek, sculpture-like form designed by Cécile Barani, made entirely of aluminum for both aesthetic appeal and optimal sound quality. The speakers are built to be both visually striking and sonically transparent, with a towering height of 2.10 meters and a weight of 380 kg per unit​​​​.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: The GAÏA utilizes Goldmund's proprietary Proteus LS mathematical model and Leonardo time correction algorithm to enhance sound precision. Additionally, the Goldmund Mechanical Grounding protocol is employed to manage and reduce vibrations, ensuring uncolored and natural sound reproduction
Goldmund GAÏA Active Wireless Speaker Specifications
Drivers 1 x dome super tweeter
1 x dome tweeter
2 x 4” high medium
2 x 6” low medium
2 x 12” woofer
Frequency Response SUPER TWEETER: 12.5 kHz – 30 kHz (-6 dB)
TWEETER: 2.7 kHz – 12.5 kHz
HIGH MEDIUM: 600 Hz – 2.7 kHz
LOW MEDIUM: 125 Hz – 600 Hz
WOOFER: 18.5 Hz (-6 dB) – 125 Hz
Inputs 1 x digital S/PDIF input
1 x wireless audio input
Amplifier (Built-in Telos) SUPER TWEETER: 1 x 300 W
TWEETER: 1 x 300 W
HIGH MEDIUM: 2 x 300 W
LOW MEDIUM: 2 x 300 W
WOOFER: 2 x 350 W
Voltage Nominal range: 115 V or 230 V (+/- 15 %)
Total Size & Weight per Unit 65 W x 210 H x 85 D (cm)
380 kg
Color Black
Silver Gray

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