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  • Australian Jarrah housing
  • Twin magnet system
  • Ultra-high purity long crystal (UHPLC) oxygen free copper wire in the coils
  • Exact unison between the four coils for a cleaner signal
  • Hand-Built in Brooklyn


Australian Jarrah Wood

Cantileaver Boron / Elliptical Diamond
Output 1.0mV @5 CMV (45)
Controlled Frequency Response 5-65 kHz
Channel Separation 1.6-1.9 grams
Compliance 20μm/mN
Channel Seperation Average 35db - 10-30k Hz
Input Load 10k-47k ohms
Inductance 8mH
Resistance 74 ohms
Pickup Weight 10 grams
Tracking Force 1.6-1.9 grams
Compliance 20μm/mN

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