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  • Burr-Brown True Native® chipset
  • XMOS 16-Core chip
  • DirectDrive® Technology
  • Extensive jitter-eradication technologies
  • OptimaLoop error correction
  • Vishay MELF resistors
  • TDK C0G (Class 1 ceramic) capacitors
  • Panasonic OS-CON caps totaling 5,410uF
  • Low-noise Texas Instruments ICs

Digital Inputs

USB 3.0 type 'A' (USB2.0 compatible)

S-PDIF (3.5mm coaxial/optical)

Formats supported


Octa/Quad/Double/Single-Speed DSD
DXD (768/705.6/384/352.8kHz)
Double/Single-Speed DXD
PCM (768/705.6/384/352.8/192/176.4/ 96/88.2/48/44.1 kHz)

Frequency Response



Balanced -120dB

S-E -114dB

Dynamic Range

Balanced 120dB

S-E 114dB


Balanced 0.002%

S-E 0.001%

Headphone Max Output

Balanced >19.2V/611 nnW (@ 600 Ohm)

Balanced >12.6V/4,980 mW (@ 32 Ohm)
S-E >9.6V/153 nnW (@ 600 Ohm)
S-E >8.8V/2,417 nnW (@ 32 Ohm)
Fixed Audio Output Balanced 4.4mm
Power consumption XMEMS- 8W
Turbo- 12W
Normal - 5W
Battery Lithium-polynner 4800nnAh
Power System Charging via USB-C
BC V1.2 compliant up to 1000mA charging current
Dimensions 166 x 72 x 25 mm
Weight 330g (0.73 lbs)
Warranty period 12 months
  • iDSD Diablo X
  • USB A Male to USB A Female Cable
  • USB-C to Barrel Jack Cable
  • USB A to USB C Cable
  • 4.4mm to dual 3-Pin XLR Cable
  • iPower 5V Power Supply
  • IEMatch 4.4mm Adapter
  • 3.5mm to 6.35mm Adapter
  • TOSLINK to Optical Adapter
  • iTraveller Case
  • Warranty Card
  • User Manual

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