Nordost Sort Kone AS Aluminium/Steel Control Device


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Nordost's new resonance control device

  • Whereas most equipment supports are referred to as Isolation Devices, this actually completely misunderstands the nature of the problem. The most harmful mechanical energy doesn't enter the equipment from outside, it's generated internally by the audio circuits and their power supplies. Transformers, power supply capacitors, even the active devices themselves, all vibrate as they operate - and those vibrations occur right where the fragile signal is, creating timing errors that smear and distort the music. The Sort Kone is designed specifically to deal with this threat to audio fidelity.

  • Three-part construction employs superior materials in a mechanically tuned configuration.
    Bypasses soft feet fitted to equipment in order to provide direct mechanical ground path for internal energy.

    Can be used in triplets, quartets or even larger numbers.

    Upgrades performance of existing racks and support systems.

    • AS - aluminum post and base combined with a hardened steel coupling ball.
    • AC - aluminum post and base in combination with an upgraded Si3N4 ceramic ball.
    • BC - bronze post and base elements combined with a ceramic coupling ball.
    • TC - titanium post and base in combination with the ceramic coupling ball for ultimate performance.
    • Comprehensive, illustrated user guide available as PDF download with detailed application notes and diagrams.