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  • 1 x 2KVA transformer for preamplifier’s and power amplifier’s section
  • 180.000uF extra long-life specialised custom made capacitors for power amplifiers
  • 19.000uF extra long-life capacitors for pre-amplifiers
  • 40 Ultra wide bandwith powerful transistors
  • Military grade pcbs
  • Microprocessor digitally controlled DC, Temperature, speaker protection
  • Completely separated audio signal circuitry from the one that does not process audio signal
Power: 200W/8Ω, 400W/4Ω, 700W/2Ω
Frequency Response: < 100kHz
Distortion: <0.01%
Inputs: 5 pairs RCA
Voltage Gain: 36
Output Impedance: <0.1 Ohm
Dimensions: 250x480x490mm (HxWxD)
Weight: 74kg

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